We don’t know

We don’t know of light in our darkest hours

We don’t know of shadow when we smell the flowers


We don’t know of rage in a quiet night

We don’t know of mercy in a desperate fight


We don’t know of warmth in the winter snow

We don’t know of cold in the inferno


We don’t know of joy when all hope is gone

We don’t know of sorrow when we sing along


All we care to think of is the present

Whether it be harsh or it be pleasant

we just worry about today

that’s what we tell ourselves… anyway




As the sunlight fades

And the street lights shine

I stumble on nothing

And forget the punch line

But she laughs anyway

Ohh She laughs anyway


But life goes on

As were walking back

She looks me in the eyes

I nearly have a heart attack

But she laughs anyway

Ohh She laughs anyway


There’s something ‘bout this girl

‘bout the way she moves

Maybe it’s her smile

Or how she’s so god damn smooth

but she laughs anyway

Ohh she laughs anyway


We get to the door

And she starts to go

But I grab her hand

and pull in real slow


I look at her

And she looks at me

I close my eyes

And she says finally



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