A Hero’s Legend: Short Story

There once were two great gods who ruled the earth: Elohim and Valafar . They were brothers, and although  Elohim was the wisest and strongest, he treated his brother as an equal. They lived on top the great Mount Mohemis, where they watched the men of earth, and helped those who were worthy.

For many years, the gods waged a fearsome war for peace on earth with the witches. Witches were mortal men and women who believed they were greater then the gods, they worked in secrecy as they mastered the forbidden magic’s. They wanted to defeat Elohim and  Valafar and become rulers of the earth.

Valafar went to the people of earth and told them to hunt and kill any witch they could find. And so, for the next few years, the people killed anyone who they deemed strange or peculiar, and although they killed some witches, they killed many innocent as well.

Elohim knew this was wrong, and so, called the people of earth off the hunt, telling them the witches were defeated. Valafar was infuriated, with less witches being killed, it would be much easier for the witches to defeat him. Knowing his brother would disagree with the death of so many innocent that would come with the return of the hunts, he decided to imprison Elohim and take full control of earth. Where without his brother’s criticism, he was confident he would be able to defeat the witches.

But before the betrayal of his brother, Elohim saw images of his future imprisonment in his palace on Mount Mohemis, and so he found a young pure family, pregnant with a baby boy. Elohim saw light in this young couple, and so blessed their future son, with the will and might of a god. He told them that when their child was ready, he must climb the mountain and free Elohim, and that only the boy could do this. He made the family promise not to tell anyone, even their own son, of his power, and that he may only know when he’s ready. Before they could ask when this time would be, the god was gone, and in his place was a long blade in a sheath of gold and silver. The family hid this blade in their house, for when their son was ready to fulfill the prophesy and save the god.

Later that year, the boy was born, and given the name Edross. They lived in a small house in a tiny village near Scarthens, the greatest city in the world. His father was a blacksmith, while his mother knitted wool blankets, to be sold in the town square. Edross grew up as an ordinary boy. He showed above average strength, swiftness, and reflexes, but his parents knew that more strength would reveal itself when the boy was ready. Everyday, Edross’s father tried to train the young boy with a sword. Although he was not an expert swordsman, he taught his son everything he knew in preparation for his future.

Life was peaceful in the village, until messengers came from the great nearby city of Scarthens, warning that the witches had returned. From that moment on, their quiet lives changed for the worse. Children were no longer allowed to play in the street, and adults feared anyone they did not know. Any storms, deaths, or incidents of any kinds were blamed on the witches. And so, on the last day of each month, every villager met in the town square and voted on who each of them believed were witches, and the person with the most votes was lynched.

Although, there were no witches in the small village, the city of Scarthens had many. And despite the efforts of the people, their numbers only grew. Valafar realized that he alone would not be strong enough to defeat the witches, but would not dare admit this to his brother. And so, he unleashed a great plague across the world, capable of killing every mortal on earth. To put a final end to the witches, but kill all mankind, in the process.

The plague first started in Scarthens, but soon spread to Edross’s village. Anyone infected got a high fever and found it exhausting to even move, large dark blotches would appear on their skin, and after a few days, they would die. The villagers blamed the witches, and began killing anyone suspicious. One day, Edross was helping his father by carrying some supplies back to his home, when he caught the disease from a passerby. Still being at the young age of 15, he felt the effects much quicker. He collapsed to the ground in agony, and a dark purple blotch appeared on his neck. As his father attempted to pick him up and carry him home, Edross’s body released a pulse of blinding light, and all effects of his illness disappeared.

A few townsfolk noticed the light, and accused them of witchcraft. Edross and his father fled the town and ran for the forest. However, Edross’s parent could not keep pace with his son, so Edross slowed, but his father begged him to run on. They were being pursued by men on horseback, and he knew he stood no chance. Edross ran on with tears in his eyes, refusing to look back. He heard the cry of his father as a blade pierced his stomach. To his surprise, Edross out ran the villagers, and found himself alone in the woods as night fell.

The villagers were not the only people to notice the light. Valafar, in his palace on Mount Mohemis did as well. He recognized the magic as that of his brother. And so decided that its cause must be killed. He sent a great serpent to the forest, to kill whatever it found and report back.

Edross, had been wandering the woods for hours. He was confused about what to do. Whether to head back to the village, or find a new one, or live out his life in the woods. None of these options pleased him. Suddenly, a massive serpent emerged from behind a rock. Its body was about 30 meters long and covered on pale green scales, and its massive mouth was filled with sharp teeth. Its mouth ended on a smug grin as it looked over the scared boy in front of it. The serpent was as old as the world around it, and it knew all things, although Valafar was far too proud to ask for the serpents wisdom. After millions of years of slaughter, the serpent had learned that nothing, but a god could kill him. He was so confident in his invincibility, that before killing anyone it offered the answer to any two questions, If the serpent did not know the answer, then he would leave his prey in peace.

The serpent explained this to the boy and offered two answers. Almost immediately, he knew what he must ask first. He asked “If I am to survive, what should I do next?”. The serpent responded in a hissing voice that he should return to his village and tell his mother that he is ready to fulfill his destiny. This answer confused Edross, however he moved passed it, and asked the second question “What would I have to say to prevent you from killing me?” The serpent went silent, there was nothing Edross could say to stop him. The more he thought about it, the angrier he got, for there was no answer. And so the serpent, true to his word, slithered back to the mountain, without saying a word.

Edross took the snakes advice and returned to the village. He traveled in the dead of night, and stayed off the main road, until he came across his old home. He walked inside and lit some candles. He found his mother, lying alone in her bed. Her skin was covered in dark splotches. “Elohim has been imprisoned on Mount Mohemis.” She croaked, “You must climb the mountain and free him, before his imprisonment, he gave you great strength and power.  There is a blade given by the god, under the floorboards in the kitchen. Also, take all of our food for your journey, for I wont be needing it much longer… I love you son.” She finished, as her eyes filled with tears.

Edross thanked and embraced his mother before moving on to the kitchen. He filled a knapsack, with all the bread and cheese from the pantry, as well as some money and a map, to guide him to the mountain. Finally, he pulled the blade out from the floorboards. The sheath was encrusted with gold and silver, and when he drew the sword out, he was amazed by its shine, as it glimmered in the candlelight. It was brilliant silver. He ran his thumb on the edge, and found it cut his skin with no effort. On his way out of the village, he swung it at a tree, and it cut through as if the trunk was hot butter. He returned it to its sheath, and continued on into the night.

We walked for the next week or so, avoiding the main road, and only stopping to eat and take short naps. After all these days of travel, his supplies were running low, so on his map he found the closest inn, and spent the next few hours traveling there.

When he arrived, he found an old wooden building that had seen better days. He walked inside and ordered a meal, before asking about the price of a room. The inn doubled as a tavern for it was mostly empty besides the inn keeper and his wife. The inn keeper was a gruff middle aged man, with a thick beard and a wide belly, but his face was frowning and housed cruel eyes, on his belt hung a long sword, in a well worn, leather sheath. He offered a surprisingly low price for the room, but Edross hardly noticed. For he was looking elsewhere.

Despite her ragged clothes and bruised face and arms, the woman scrubbing the floor of the inn, was the most beautiful woman Edross, had ever seen. He assumed she was the innkeeper’s wife, as the gruff man walked by he demanded her to scrub harder, before kicking her in the stomach. Edross could not stand, watching such a fair woman be abused. He rose from his chair and demanded a duel, with the violent innkeeper.


“If I win, I may ask your wife for her hand in marriage!” Edross yelled.


“You are too young, I will not fight you.” The man retorted.


“If you refuse, you show yourself as the greatest of cowards! If you reign victorious, you may have this.”.


Edross unsheathed his blade and the innkeepers’s eyes widened with envy as he saw the glimmer of the beautiful sword. And so they walked outside with the young woman, and prepared for combat.

Both sides unveiled their blades. The innkeeper’s sword looked perfectly ordinary, yet as he swung it, a look of confidence washed over his face. Edross was nervous, he had never had a true sword fight before, but he imagined that his blade would cut cleanly thought his opponents, and the man would have to surrender. However, not much thought was spent on this as the battle soon began. They both lunged forward and their swords must with a clang, but neither shattered. Edross and the man exchanged a look of surprise. Edross realized that the man’s blade must also be magic, and this would be a match of real skill.

After almost an hour of swordplay, neither side was victorious. Edross had expected the man to tire, but with every swing he just seemed stronger. It was clear that this fat older man could not possibly have this much stamina, and that it must be his sword giving him strength. Unfortunately, despite his years of training, and his godly gifts, Edross was tiring, and he soon would not be capable of keeping up with the swings of the man. Just as he prepared to surrender, a great ball of fire flew past his shoulder and struck his opponent in the chest, throwing the inn keeper to the ground, killing him. Their battle was so heated; they did not notice the massive black dragon approach.

The great beast was covered in large dark scales, its wings flapped loudly, and smoke rolled from its nostrils. Edross only had a moment to catch his breath, before the dragon lunged down, and swung his tail directly at the boy. Edross tried to slice it with his blade, but it skirted off without making a scratch. The tails hit sent the young hero sprawling back, as the creature opened his mouth and shot a second ball of fire. Edross barley managed to get out of the way, as it exploded on the ground. He noticed that the entire creature was covered in scales which seemed impervious to his sword, but the inside of the monsters mouth was only pink flesh. And so, as the beast opened its mouth to fire another blast, Edross threw his sword like a javelin strait into its gaping mouth. The godly weapon sliced right back out other side of the monsters neck. The Dragon roared in pain, and it collapsed to the ground in death.

Edross retrieved the blade and approached the young woman; she greeted him with a hug, and thanked him many times. She explained that her name was Diana, and that the innkeeper had imprisoned her for many years. She said that the innkeeper was an evil witch, and that every night, he stole the sole of everyone in his inn, and used it to strengthen his sword. She explained that she would have warned him, but was muted by his dark magic. Diana also accepted his hand in marriage.

Before any celebration could take place, Edross explained that he still had a quest to fulfill, and asked Diana to stay in the Inn until his return. So Edross, restocked his supplies and set off once more, for Mount Mohemis.

After a few days of travel, he arrived at the great mountain and began his climb. Its slope was treacherously steep, and it took him the full day to reach the summit. Valafar, noticed the hero just as he reached the top. He was infuriated that his dragon had failed to slay the young man. And so decided to deal with the boy himself. The god cast a bolt of lightning at the hero, who manged to dive out of the way, just in time. Edross knew that he was no match for a god. So he ran into the great palace, and found himself in the presence of the great god, imprisoned in a body of stone. Valafar had trapped his brother’s body in a statue.

However, with the mere presence of Edross, his stone jail began to crack, and beams of light emerged. Valafar watched in horror, as after fifteen years, his brother finally emerged. Elohim’s body emanated a bright light, and looked scornfully at his brother. Elohim was enraged by Valafar, and froze him in stone like Elohim was before.

The god emerged from his palace in joy, congratulating Edross on freeing him. He looked over the world and recoiled in horror as he saw great suffering across his land. And so, with a flick of his wrist he cured all mankind of the terrible plague. As well, he told every man and woman to no longer seek the witches, and that he would take on this task. He also realized that the king of Scarthens and all his heirs had died of the plague. And so, he told the citizens that a young boy on a golden horse would arrive and take his place, as the ruler of the greatest city on earth.

Elohim flew the young man down the base of the mountain, and gave him a golden stallion. Edross thanked him for the honor, and rode off back to the inn. The magnificent horse rode with great speed, and although Edross had never rode a horse, he found it came naturally.

After only a few hours, he arrived at the Inn, and helped Diana onto the horse. Any travelers on the path stepped aside to allow the hero to pass, they admired him, knowing he had brought peace to the earth. His journey was bright any joyful, all the way, Edross and Diana talked and sang and truly fell in love with their future spouse.

It took them many days, but they finally made it to Scarthens. Everywhere they had went; they were greeted warmly, as people recognized the horse as a sign that the young man was in fact, a future king. However, Scarthens welcomed them the warmest. Thousands piled into the streets to see Edross take his place, with Diana at his side, as king of the city.

And so, Edross ruled the city with compassion and wisdom, until his final breath. And stories were told of his adventure, for many years to come.




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